Time Tracking

We consult and advise on the best methods of time tracking for your business. Using the latest software and third party apps we can reduce both admin time and leakage with time not accurately tracked or billed to jobs.

Time tracking and job costing for labour intensive organisations is a speciality of ours. We use the latest software and third party apps so track and assign every material, labour hour and overhead incurred to a project to ensure maximum profitability and maximum savings. Using our algorithms to assess business efficiency, we can predict and quote estimated savings based on employing us for a set period of time.

Using the software below your employees can enter their time and select the jobs they've worked on. 

We can set up the jobs for them to select and also the type of work they have carried out. At month end or any other period you can log in and see exactly how many hours have been worked on each job and what type of work has been carried out.

If you are a labour intensive business and have office staff calling out or staff and subcontractors filling out written time sheets, this is essential for you. Even if you are a one man band it can give vital insight into your business and we believe it should be a necessity for every business.

Having a software to track everything that connects with your accountancy software can save valuable time. At Senstone we can handle your time tracking and sync it with your software ready for payroll at period end. Thus significantly saving you admin time and costs. 

QuickBooks - Time Tracking Function

Quickbooks has a built in time tracking function. You can select the customer, enter the hours you worked on the days you worked. You can add 'time sheet only' employees to your QuickBooks account so they have their own log in but can only complete time sheets.

You can select the employee time at cost to you and enter their billable rate into Quickbooks. When it comes to invoicing the customer all the billable time will show up to be added to the invoice. 

There is a lot of options in regard to the time sheets. If you would like any further information after watching the video below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

QuickBooks App

TSheets (25% Off) - Simplify payroll and invoicing with timesheets powered by QuickBooks!

  • Access accurate employee timesheets for precise invoices and painless payroll. The TSheets mobile app puts employee time data at your fingertips. It's the only time tracker that works directly inside QuickBooks Online. No more manual data entry!

  • Paper timesheets can't show you who's actually working, but TSheets can. Use the Who's Working window to see where your employees are and what they're working on, in real time. TSheets comes with GPS location tracking for greater accountability.

  • Access timesheets using devices your employees already have. Employees can clock in quickly and easily, using a smartphone, computer or time clock kiosk. Track time against different job codes to gain valuable business insight with TSheets reports.

TSheets is an app that is owned by Quickbooks. We use and promote this software ourselves because we thing it is fantastic. Not only can you track who your working for and what you are doing it also have a location feature which shows exactly where you are.

As an employer with staff out on jobs you could log into your TSheets app and see where all of your staff are and how they are billing their time against the hours you have set them. 

Again, with this app there are many great features. If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us.