Self-Assessment Tax Returns

We help clients to stay compliant with the dynamic and complex taxation laws affecting their personal tax position.  If you have any income not paid through PAYE (be it through self-employment, partnership, dividends received as a director-shareholder, benefits in kind, pension income, capital gains on asset disposals including house sales, property income or trust income), a self-assessment tax return is required annually before 31 October by paper, or before 31 January online.

We will keep your tax records with HM Revenue & Customs accurate and timely, avoiding cumulative and costly penalties for errors or missing the annual deadline.  We can provide this for you as a one-time service each year, or alongside our other services in a complete, worry-free package.  Using our expert services to submit your tax return will ensure you avoid an unnecessarily high tax liability and pays for itself through the savings you will make.  It is best to submit your return sooner rather than later following 5 April each year, and we are happy to help.