QuickBooks Apps

At Senstone, we are a Gold Level, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor with Quickbooks Online.

We can offer great deals on top apps you need most. Check out a few of our recommended apps below.


Expensify (20% Off)  - Receipt Tracking and expense management integrated with Quickbooks

  • One-Click Receipt Tracking - Snap a photo of your receipt using the Expensify mobile app, and patented SmartScan technology automatically reads the merchant name, date, and amount, and transcribes this information onto an expense report.
  • Credit Card Reconciliation - Expensify pulls in the credit card feed and auto-merges each transaction to the corresponding receipt, for personal or business cards. Admins can centrally manage all corporate cards for automatic reconciliation.
  • Multi-Layer Approval Workflows - Route expense reports through multiple layers of approval, so reports can easily be approved by multiple managers.

TSheets (25% Off) - Simplify payroll and invoicing with timesheets powered by QuickBooks!

  • Access accurate employee timesheets for precise invoices and painless payroll. The TSheets mobile app puts employee time data at your fingertips. It's the only time tracker that works directly inside QuickBooks Online. No more manual data entry!
  • Paper timesheets can't show you who's actually working, but TSheets can. Use the Who's Working window to see where your employees are and what they're working on, in real time. TSheets comes with GPS location tracking for greater accountability.
  • Access timesheets using devices your employees already have. Employees can clock in quickly and easily, using a smartphone, computer or time clock kiosk. Track time against different job codes to gain valuable business insight with TSheets reports.