Job Costing

Job costing and time tracking for labour intensive organisations is a speciality of ours. We use the latest software and third party apps so track and assign every material, labour hour and overhead incurred to a project to ensure maximum profitability and maximum savings. Using our algorithms to assess business efficiency, we can predict and quote estimated savings based on employing us for a set period of time.

Job costing is is the process of assigning the costs you incur to a specific job you or your business is involved with. It is vital to assign all your materials, labour and overheads incurred to the relevant projects to ensure profitability and sustainability.

At Senstone, we can implement and consult on the job costing element of your projects. Having an accountant track your projects is highly beneficial to make sure no materials or labour slips through the cracks. Some businesses also do not cover their overheads or immediately think of billing them to jobs. 

An example would be a business that is highly labour intensive. We can calculate an overhead absorption rate that you can charge per labour hour to each job. This means that all non billable costs are all accounted for and recovered from each job.

Depending on the accounting software you are using, we can implement your job costing into your software, saving you time, money and also avoids calculation errors on excel spreadsheets and other manual methods of cost tracking.