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Senstone Consultancy covers everything in between!

Our consultancy department was created to cover all of your bespoke requirements.

  • If you require a company incorporation but intend to deal with your own accounts, we can help.
  • If you are looking to migrate to cloud accountancy software but want to maintain your own records, we can help.
  • If you are require a full health check on your bookkeeping records to make sure everything has been posted correctly and you are claiming every expense you are entitled to, we can help.

At Senstone, we understand that not every business requires a full accountancy service and may not be able to afford a fully outsourced bookkeeping process. Our consultancy department will provide you with the assistance when you need it. You'll have no fixed accountancy services and fees, you can just pay our hourly rates for the services you would like to receive, when you need them.

We have migrated clients to QuickBooks Online and taught them how to maintain their own records. They have no bookkeeping fees and only call on us at set periods to perform a quick audit on their records and make any corrections required. 

Have a look through all of our services. No job is too small. We are here to help.