CIS Returns - Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is for contractors and subcontractors working in construction. The scheme is a method of withholding tax and national insurance contributions and passing them to HMRC. Contractors are responsible for calculating and deducting the payments due to HMRC on behalf of a subcontractor.

Our experience with CIS Returns, from registration of a business under the scope of CIS to the timely preparation and filing of relevant information to HM Revenue & Customs, gives you peace of mind that your construction business is compliant with the sector’s complex legislation. 

We will ensure that returns involving the scheme are completed to the highest standard.  We have years of experience working alongside clients within the Construction industry, from individual subcontractors to multi-million-pound construction companies.

CIS and QuickBooks Online

By turning on this feature QuickBooks will calculate your CIS deductions, track your CIS withheld or suffered amounts and create the necessary reports for HMRC.

We can use the feature to create CIS transactions. We will be able to mark your Customers and Suppliers and either Contractors or Subcontractors. Quickbooks will do all of the calculations for us to ensure a smooth process saving lots of time and money.