Bank Reconciliation

Quickbooks supports direct bank feeds for business accounts at selected banks. We will set up your live feeds enable us to receive your regular bank transactions. This rules out sending your accountant paper statements at the end of each period. The transactions will pull through into your QuickBooks account automatically.

This enables us to match the incoming funds to the appropriate customer invoices marking them as paid. We will also matching the outgoing payments to your supplier bills. When you look at your invoices due for payment and the bills you have to pay you know they will always be accurate and up to date.

If you use a bank that is not currently supported you can send us the statements in a Excel format and we can import these into QuickBooks for you.

We will post all of your bank transactions to the correct accounts. We will then be able to reconcile your bank account as it is showing in QuickBooks against your Bank Statements to make sure they are 100% correct.