Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • 'Accounts Payable' is accountancy terminology for 'Who you owe'
  • 'Accounts Receivable' is accountancy terminology for 'Who owes you'

The cloud software enables you have immediate access to your invoices. It clearly distinguishes between the customers and invoices that are unpaid with those that are paid.

It also enables you to look into your suppliers and see who you owe and drill into the invoices so you can see exactly what you owe.

You will have instant access to this information from the QuickBooks mobile app or from a laptop or computer.

Having this information to hand means you never forget about an unpaid invoice as nothing slips through the cracks. You will have access to this information at all times and as soon as invoices are overdue it will notify the client and you to enable you to chase the funds.